AS Number Assignment

The AS Number (Autonomous System Number)

An autonomous system is made of a group of networks that use the Internet Protocol, one that is maintained by one or several operators with a single clearly defined routing policy. When exchanging routing information exchange with the external networks, each of these groups is identified by their unique AS Number.


An AS Number (Autonomous System Number) is assigned to users who require dynamic routing and traffic load balancing using BGP.


According to RIPE NCC policies, you are required to have at least two separate peerings with different providers with different AS Numbers and to have at least a /24 IPv4 allocation (256 IP addresses).

Certain ISP policies

Every ISP can enforce its own terms and policies. As such, please inquire about these details before applying for an AS Number.

* The AS Number allocation fee is paid upfront for the remainder of the months of the current year. Then you are yearly billed for 12 months.
* The yearly recurring fee is charged according to RIPE NCC policies for maintenance. It is billed in January every year.
* All prices are listed in EUR, do not include 24% VAT and they are billed in RON according to BNR official exchange rate on the date of the invoicing.
* Your AS Number will be assigned within 4 days after the payment confirmation.

NAV member

AS Number fees

AS Number allocation MNT allocation AS Number annual fee MNT annual fee
90€ 5€ 90€ 0€
AS Number Allocation Form