The NAV Telecom Data Center

Cisco Network

Our network is built exclusively on the latest high grade Cisco equipment with a great track record for uptime and performance. We deployed a “2N” network setup, meaning that for every key network node there is another one in stand-by waiting to automatically take over the workload, should the main equipment fails. This also allows our network engineers to perform routine maintenance without disruption in the service.

Exchange and Core Layer

We guarantee the network’s high availability by using the best of breed Cisco equipment - 6500E Series with 2T XL Supervisors for the exchange and core layer.

Distribution and Aggregation Layer

Our distribution and aggregation layer is built around the proven Cisco 4500 Series switches - 4900M and 4948-10GE.

Our Data Center upstream internet access is provided by interconnects with the major local and international ISP’s, summing up to 140Gbps. This way you will enjoy low latency, congestion free internet communications fro your services and a guaranteed SLA of 99.9%.
Our DoS/DDoS protection system performs the best mitigation action - traffic scrubbing. Instead of cutting off the target’s internet access in an effort to protect the rest of the network, it’s capable of cleaning up to 140Gbps / 20Mpps of inbound traffic Read more...
» Two independend tri-phase power lines
» 120kVA diesel generator and 110kVA UPS
» N+1 redundant climate control
» Industrial grade Daikin climate control units
» Earthquake-proof racks mounting
» Fire detection and extinguishing systems
» And array of environmental sensors
Our data center operations are backed by a team of highly skilled enthusiast system engineers with a vast experience in data security, service monitoring and support. Our team is managing the services 24/7/365 and is here to address any incident and offer top quality support. Read more...


We carefully analysed to the most demanding customer demands and engaged a team of highly experienced engineers specialized in data center planning, design and building in an effort to provide the best operational conditions for our and our client’s equipments. Our aim was to find the right balance between proven and modern solution and find the best ways to provide a great SLA while keeping the end-users costs within reasonable limits. Unlike other traditional data center service providers we’ve adopted efficient operational processes while raising the standard on physical and data security.