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The IP address is a unique “number” that the computers and other hosts use to “talk” to each other in a network using the well know TCP/IP.
Any host in a network, be it computer, router, server, network printer or VoIP phone must be identified in a network using such an address.


The IPv4 and IPv6 address space used in Internet are distributed in an hierarchically architecture called Internet Registry. As a Regional Internet Registry (RIR), RIPE NCC is managing the European geographic area. RIPE NCC assigns IPv4 and IPv6 addresses space to the Local Internet Registries (LIR’s).
In turn, the LIR’s can assign IP address space to end users for use in their network infrastructure.


After filling up the forms and registering the IP addresses you will be entitled to use them at your discretion.
It’s worth mentioning that the IP addresses will be yours to use (not own them) as long as you comply with the RIPE’s Terms of Use and pay your annual usage fee to the LIR (NAV Telecom).

Depending on the aggregation type, there are two categories if IP address spaces:

PA (Provider Aggregated - you can use them only in the NAV Telecom’s network) - These are IP addresses assigned to NAV Telecom by RIPE NCC. Your contact details may be listed in the whois record along with the LIR’s.
PI (Provider Independent - you can use them in any network you want) - These IP addresses will be assigned to the end-user from RIPE, with the LIR’s acting as a liaison. They can be used in any network, with any provider but only if the end-user has at least two peerings with two providers with different AS numbers.
* RIPE NCC is no longer providing IPv4 PI resources Read more...

IP space allocation fees PA

IPv4 Subnet One Time Fee Per Annum Fee
/24 (256 IP’s) 950€ 180€
/23 (512 IP’s) 1800€ 360€
/22 (1024 IP’s) ASK ASK
/21 (2048 IP’s) ASK ASK
/20 (4096 IP’s) ASK ASK
IPv6 Subnet One Time Fee Per Annum Fee
/48 200€ 90€

IPv4 Allocation Form
IPv6 Allocation Form