Today’s businesses rely more and more on the way we communicate and the ability to swiftly react to every day’s challenges. That’s why a modern business growth requires nothing less than top quality reliable communication channels.

By choosing your services you will enjoy a high quality support service by your channel of choice: over phone, email or ticketing system.

Fiber Optic Internet:

We guarantee the internet connection between our data center and your premise, this is why NAV Telecom is limited to providing support on its own equipment (routers, switches, mediaconverters etc.) while the client is required to configure and manage their own end user equipments according to the internal policies.

Colocation and Dedicated Servers:

The client can run his choice of services on his own or dedicated server. We are required to provide uninterrupted electric power, constant optimal temperature and humidity and internet connectivity. The user is solely responsible for managing the server with services, applications and data. The users are also responsible to secure and backup their data along with other optimizations and customizations required.

If you don’t have the required skills to manage the colocated or dedicated server, we can assist you with certain operations involving the configuration, optimization and debugging for the most popular services and applications (web, email, databases, ftp etc.) based on a one-time or recurring charge. The price quote will be provided after a thorough analysis of your requirements.

Data Center:

NAV Datacenter will be provide rackspace, electric power, internet connection and constant optimal temperature and humidty. We will not provide support for the client’s equipment. In case we notice visible failures (e.g. HDD warning LED, powered off server) we will inform the client regarding the issues and ask him to address it and to let us know if we can be of assistance. If you have an ongoing service management contract we will provide you with the required assistance, in accordance with the contract.

Provisioning times:

* We will have the fiber optic internet connection active in your location within 72h after signing the agreement and the billing confirmation.
* Your colocated server will be installed in our data center within 2h after it’s delivered to our office.
* We will provision your dedicated server within 2h after the payment confirmation.