Cloud VPS Hosting

Cloud Virtualization

Unlike a clasic virtualization environment where each machine is bound by the physical server it runs on, a cloud VPS can be freely migrate inside the servers cluster. Moreover, a migration process is automatically triggered by a physical server failure, reducing the downtime from hours or days to a few minutes.

Our Cloud Infrastructure

Your VPS instances run on a physical server and use its RAM and CPU. The data is stored in a highly available storage cluster, designed to be fully resilient to any hardware malfunction. VPS failover is enabled cluster-wide so you can enjoy a top uptime.

High Availability

Our SSD based storage cluster offers full redundancy in the unlikely event that one of the state of the art enterprise servers would fail. The failover process is seamless, with no VPS being impacted by the storage node failure. The cluster takes automated failover decisions.

Live Maintenance

Another key advantage of our virtualization solution is that the regular mainenance of the nodes can be performed with zero downtime to your services. Should a server must be rebooted, your VPS will be live migrated to another node before rebooting the one it originally ran on.

VPS Hosting Plans

Each client that orders a VPS/VDS will enjoy full unrestricted access to it (root access as well) and its guaranteed RAM/CPU/Storage resources. You can choose from a wide variety of operating systems available in the administration control panel.

S i l v e r

  • CPU: E5-2697v4
    2 Cores - CPU Speed 2300MHz
  • Guaranteed RAM 4GB
  • SSD Quota 60GB
    Smart Cloud Storage
  • IPv4 Addresses /30 (4 IP's)
    Adrese IPv6 /64 (Assigned)

G o l d

  • CPU: E5-2697v4
    4 Cores - CPU Speed 2300MHz
  • Guaranteed RAM 8GB
  • SSD Quota 80GB
    Smart Cloud Storage
  • IPv4 Addresses /29 (8 IP's)
    Adrese IPv6 /64 (Assigned)

P l a t i n u m

  • CPU: E5-2697v4
    8 Cores - CPU Speed 2300MHz
  • Guaranteed RAM 12GB
  • SSD Quota 100GB
    Smart Cloud Storage
  • IPv4 Addresses /29 (8 IP's)
    Adrese IPv6 /64 (Assigned)

KVM Hypervisor

The KVM virtualization environment grants you full control over the VPS resources, breaking down the well known compatibility issues of other plaforms.

KVM Hypervisor

Each Plan Includes

1 Gbps Internet Uplink

Unmetered Traffic

Ticket Support

Monthly Commitment

Service Addons

SSD Storage VPS memory CPU cores 1 CPU Core (guaranteed 2300MHz) 5€
1 GB DDR4 ECC guaranteed RAM 4€
10 GB SSD Quota 10€

* The above prices don’t include 24% VAT and are billed monthly.

VPS Licenses cPanel/WHM VPS 14€ /month
CloudLinux over cPanel 14€ /month
Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition 25€ /month

* NAV Telecom is an authorized cPanel® and Microsoft® partner

DoS/DDoS Protection System

Our DoS/DDoS Protection System - navAMS uses advanced detection and state of the art mitigation techniques that detect the attacks and automatically applies countermeasures to protect to the attacked targets. The basic solutions disconnect the host in an effort to protect the network stability. navAMS performs the traffic scrubbing by blocking only the malitious traffic while allowing the legit data streams to pass unrestricted.

* navAMS is a complimentary service offered to all NAV Telecom clients.