UPC Romania – Upstream for NAV Telecom

Through our partnership with one of the largest telecom operators, UPC Romania, we brought at NAV Telecom data center a new Internet access link. Through this new link our clients and end users will have a much better response time in UPC (Liberty Global Operations) network.…

IPv6 for all IT companies

Through “IPv6 for all IT companies” program we want to extend the use of IPv6 addresses. The great benefit of this program is the fast allocation (within 24 hours) and the decreased price from 200€ to only 50€. Applications for allocation can be made at https://www.nav.ro/alocare-ip.

The allocation will be made in accordance with rules imposed by RIPE NCC, accepting the…


NAV Telecom is one of the partners ACS JUNIORUL CLUB.
ACS JUNIORUL CLUB is involved in the development of juvenile football with results at national level in recent years.

We chose to sponsor ACS JUNIORUL CLUB seeing their significant efforts to co-opt with them towards achieving the objectives.
As a partner NAV Telecom wants the future to look better than the present, a…

10Gbps with Cogent Communications

We enjoy a new contract signed on 22.05.2015 with one of the largest ISPs in the world, Cogent. The decision to choose this company to become our business partner was taken due to their vast experience, with over 46,200 satisfied customers in 2125 locations in 38 countries.
This partnership has enabled us to increase capacity by an additional 10Gbps Internet, so…

NAV is sponsoring Hospice Home of Hope

We do understand the value of social responsability.
As such, starting August 2014 NAV Telecom becomes the main ISP for Hospice Home of Hope palliation treatment clinic in Bucharest by providing them with a 1 Gbps internet connection according to the sponsoring contract we’ve signed.
As an intiative which runs entirely on volunteering, sponsorship contracts and donations, we wanted to support their…

newHOST.ro moves to NAV Data Center

newHOST moves it’s entire IT infrastructure in the NAV Data Center.
One of the most important players on the Romanian web hosting market partners with NAV Telecom in order to increase their SLA even more and lower their OpEx.

This project was a major challenge for us and for them as well, both in magnitude as well as in complexity.
newHOST.ro is known…

We’re securing the nav.ro web traffic using SSL EV

Because we put a high value on information security, we’ve encrypted the web traffic for navtelecom.ro using a SSL EV certificate.

We went for a SSL EV certificate instead of a simple certificate because one of those is issued automatically with no real person validating the information provided by the applicant.
An cyber criminal could easily obtain such a certificate and use…