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Is an international domain (gTLD)

This domain is listed in the following categories: International, Toplevel-Domain.

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New registration (annually)
Annual renewal
Transfer (including renewal for 1 year)
Change of ownership
Quarantine removal service



General information about .com domain extension

Domain transfer
Transferring .com domains is possible
Transfer with authorization code
An authorization code is required
Domain security
You can set a transfer key for .com domain
Change of ownership
Change of ownership is possible for .com domains
Domain name with diacritics (IDN)
.com can contain special characters (no diacritics).
A .com domain can only contain numbers
VeriSign ( Website | Rules )

Special provisions for .com domain

The length of the domain
If you are registering a .com domain, it is allowed to have between 2 and 63 characters. Cracks are not allowed at the beginning of the domain or at the end of the domain (for example or


Registration in real time

New registration
1 - 10 years
1 - 10 years
Registration time
It takes a few seconds to register the .com domain
Notice period
The expiration notification period is 30 days before the domain expires.
After a prior renewal or expiration of a .com domain, it will automatically be available for first-come, first-served.

Trends and general information

The registration of a .com domain was initially reserved for US companies. But now, it is possible for individuals and companies around the world to register a .com domain. The .com extension is the English word "commercial", the .com extension being the most used, with over 100 million domains registered worldwide. The .com registry is VeriSign Inc., based in Mountain View, California.
.com is a so-called generic top-level domain (gTLD), which means a "descriptive domain", causing the domain of services and products to be recognized in the domain extension. Especially corporations take advantage of: buy and register .com domains, representing their company on the World Wide Web (WWW).


The "commercial" domain is one of the most popular high-level domains (TLDs) around the world. More than 100 million registered domains were counted in March 2012. Thus, there are almost a hundred times more .com domains than .ro domains. Most domains are reserved for international companies, but it is now possible for individuals to buy and register a .com domain.

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