Service Level Agreement

SLA guarantees the monthly availability of the service, the time required for repairs, and the financial responsibility for non-compliance.

NAV Communications offers business customers the guarantee of the quality of services provided through SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Together with a team of engineers specializing in data center design and deployment, we identified the best solutions to ensure operational conditions above standards, while maintaining commercial competitiveness in a market that tends towards a SLA as high as a cost as affordable as possible.

For each contract we provide a standard SLA, and for particular situations, NAV Communications provides you with the possibility to offer improved conditions.

Through Service Level Agreement we offer an additional contractual guarantee through which ensure:

Guaranteed internet connection, no matter where, NAV Communications has national coverage.

Offer discounts if the availability of the service no longer falls within the contractual parameters.

Ensuring prompt response and addressing issues that may occur during service delivery.

Maintaining a constant link between the customer and the provider by designating an account representative.

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