Backup policy

Backup policy

For cPanel or cPanel/WHM control panel hosting services, we back up for free every day with 10 calendaristic days retention. In addition, the client can back up with his own methods or download or restore a backup using the solution provided by NAV.

NAV does not assume responsibility for deleting or modifying the files hosted on their own infrastructure. The client is the only one able to ensure the integrity of the data hosted on NAV servers using their own backup methods.

NAV uses internal backup procedures to restore the data stored on the servers for hosting and VPS servers.

Backups are performed daily with 10-day retention, and these backups are strictly used by NAV in the case of server failures. These backups can not be restored at client's request if he claims reasons other than NAV equipment. Restore customers requests for NAV servers will be investigated by specific methods, and if they are found to be well founded, they will be honored.

NAV reserves the right to exclude those VPSes or hosting accounts that by their size generate a very high load of the NAV backup infrastructure due to the large amount of data hosted on the hosting account or VPS server of a client.

NAV reserves the right to exclude from backup hosting accounts and VPS servers that occupy a disk space larger than 10GB.

If the service has not been excluded from the backup list and you want to restore a backup for any reason other than the physical failure of one of the NAV servers, the restoration cost is 1 EUR+VAT for 1GB occupied by the VPS server or hosting account. (If the hosting account or VPS server has 10GB then the cost will be 10 EUR+VAT).

NAV does not provide and does not have (internally) implement a backup solution for dedicated servers, cloud servers, clustered servers, and collocated servers. For these servers, the client has the option to opt for a backup service from NAV.

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