Rules for Deleting and Auto-Domain Registration

Rules for Deleting and Auto-Domain Registration

Domain names, international and .ro are registered for the set periods and are available at renewal at any time, during the validity period and before the expiration date.

Prior to the expiration of the registration period, we will send multiple emails to clients and/or agents acting on their behalf to alert them that domain name registration services expire on a certain date. These emails are forwarded approximately 30 or 60 days before the expiration date.

It is important that all of our email addresses are not blocked by spam or junk, and customers have valid email addresses in place to receive these types of communications. In the event that a customer does not renew a domain name before the expiration date, the registration data may be subject to deletion or resale at any time thereafter.

In order to help customers to avoid the deletion of domains, we may, but are not obliged, to offer our clients a "quarantine period" after the expiration of the registration services (the "quarantine period" begins one day after the expiration date). We currently provide you with a quarantine period of 5 days from the expiration date to allow renewal of an expired domain by paying the quarantine fee.

For outdated domains (not applicable to .ro domains), a special page opens, where customers are notified that the domains have expired and have a link for renewal. There will be a Pending Delete button in the client's account, and expiration notifications will also be included in the renewal and expiration reports that are emailed to each client. During this period a customer may renew a domain name, but during the quarantine period the renewal is not guaranteed and can be modified or removed at any time without prior notice.

Consequently, every client who wants to renew a domain name should do so before the expiration date to avoid losing the domain name. If an expired domain name is not renewed, we will delete the domain name. Registries may, but are not obliged, to assist customers with offering a quarantine period of between 5 and 90 days from the expiration date. This period is not guaranteed, so we advise clients to renew domain names in a timely manner. For this service, the customer will be charged a restoration fee of between 150 and 300euro+VAT depending on the domain extension. If the domain name is not redeemed, it becomes available for registration. If a domain name is the subject of a dispute and it expires or is deleted during the dispute, the party that has submitted the case has the possibility to renew or restore the domain names registration under the same commercial conditions as the original customer. If eventually the case is terminated or an arbitrator decides against the party, the names may be deleted within 45 to 90 days or renewed by the web site or by the customer during the quarantine period described above.




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